High output concreting train higher to 30m3/day

The high output concrete train is designed to build slab tracks in tunnels and to support general concrete demand within rail infrastructure. This solution is proposed for big projects, asking high capacity of concrete delivery.
The train carries all the ingredients needed for concrete (sand, aggregates, cement, water etc.) in separate compartments, and then proportions these according to the mix design into a continuous mixer.

The proposed Concreting trains provides continuous concrete production based on industrial process. High output concrete train solutions are adapted to be used for slab tracks, pylon foundations for electrical projects, in tunnel or outside track, depth foundation and all the projects near the railway.

The smart proposed solution is made of:

  • Wagons containing all the ingredients needed for concrete (sand, aggregates, cement, water, etc.) interconnected by conveyor belts that transport raw materials to the mixing wagon. These wagons enable an uninterrupted and long-term raw materials delivery to have an efficient and real time control of wished raw materials volume.
  • A mixing unit wagon that realizes the mix for creating concrete. It is composed by the mixing unit, and a smart and adaptable concrete dispenser unit. The dispenser unit makes a clean, efficient and adaptable delivery of concrete, following the wanted flow/volume.
  • A control cabin on the mixing wagon to manage all the raw materials volume, define the mix and the speed of the concrete delivery,
  • A brewer wagon, pump wagon to keep produced concrete in high quality until pumpet out,
  • A railway locomotive with accurate adjustable speed, synchronized with the concrete production flow.

The concreting train solution present the following advantages:

  • A high capacity of adaptation: the total capacity of concrete production depends on inert material taken in the wagons. The train capacity can be adjusted according to the required production, to environment conditions, to wished mix and wanted speed. It is possible to immediately and automatically stop the delivery if a problem is encountered.
  • The concreting train manages a continuous quality of concrete and can quickly change the concrete mix.
  • The high output concreting train is designed to maximize the safety all around the train without losing productivity.
  • All the elements of the dispenser were designed to keep the site clean.

The proposed concreting train has been proving its capacity to work within hardest conditions and best productivity. The solution is based on our feedback from most prestigious and complex projects in Europe, including the undersea Channel Tunnel linking France to Europe, and will now work on London Crossrail project, the biggest European construction project at present time.