Train feeding solutions

The Train Feeding Solutions proposed by RAILSHINE gather innovative systems giving optimized answers to feeding needs, whether it is for feeding train with electrical power, or for managing diesel locomotive refueling.

RAILSHINE solutions are in used by tens of national railways all over the world. The hereafter Train Provisioning Equipment are recognized as adapted to railway industry, being smart, innovative, secure, and insuring the respect of workers health and safety. Thanks to those technologies, facing networks and depots electrification on one hand and improvement of logistics management in other hand, the railway operators optimize their maintenance and refuelling stops.

Sanding system pour railway applications

Railroad sanding system

Movable roof working platform

Locomotive fuelling service-station

Retractable rigid catenaries (MOCS)

Locomotive exhaust fume extraction system

Train anti-icing system

Vidange WC pour trains

(Français) Installation de vidange WC des trains (CET)