• IMG_0632
  • Pour remplir les sablières de trains et tramways
  • IMG_0634
  • For sand boxes filling for trains, tramways or freight
  • For trains or tramways
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  • Rail sand filling pistol
  • Silo pour le remplissage des sablières de trains
  • Sanding system fully operated

Railroad sanding system

The railroad sand filling system proposed is an optimized solution designed on purpose for filling sand in all type of rail transportation sandboxes. This system has been designed in order to use a minimum of space inside or near the depot, alongside rail tracks. The sand dispensers are compact units with the ability to provide fast, clean, safe, and convenient sand dispensing for all railroad vehicles.

The railroad sanding delivery system can be used in all types of rail transportation: high-speed trains, regional trains, light rail and tramways, commuter trains, freight locomotives… Hereafter all the advantages of the railroad sanding system proposed by Railshine.

  • Secured electronic system for pumping and delivering sand for an optimal control of the installation

A technical room with an air compressor and an air dryer to clean the air to keep the sand dry. The technical room is also equipped with an operational panel, which enables the command of all the different functions, and give you all the sand and system details:

  • Equipped with a safety alarm when a problem is encountered,
  • Information and alarms about sand level in the silos,
  • Lights for state of the sand dispensing station.


  • Bespoke sand silo to accommodate with the sanding needs: the storage and transfer guarantees a dry sand.


  • Exclusive concept of dispenser modules integrated in cabinets with keys

The slenderness of the sand distribution posts enable clean and easy integration in limited spaces, to fit on depot platforms. All the supply is however calibrated to deliver sand on up to 12 dispensers at the same time (can be more according to the site requirements). The dispensers are located on platforms with a limited volume in order to let enough space to the operator to circulate on the platforms.

The sand dispensers are equipped with mobile and swivelling arm. The swivelling arm easily enables the orientation to the two sand boxes of the bogie.

The sand dispensing installation enables automatic filling of the sand boxes embedded on rail vehicles, with no emission of dust. The sand delivery is made thanks to a pneumatic transfer at low-pressure, high concentration, and low speed. This process limits the dust production and decreases pipes abrasion.


  • Ergonomic sand dispenser nozzle with controlled gravitating sand pressure for a high-performance delivery on-demand

The sand point is every time under pressure and its tank is automatically and constantly filled in order to guarantee sand on each point.

The sand is delivered dried and with the right quantities: The delivery automatically stops when the sand in locomotive/rail vehicle sandbox touches the nozzle.

- The sand stockage needed
- The number of dispensers needed