• Locomotive fuelling station
  • Fuelling dispensers
  • Multi product service station
  • Train fuelling service station

Locomotive fuelling service-station

The LOCOMOTIVE FUELING SERVICE-STATIONS by Railshine enable multi product delivery, such as fuel and liquids required to refueling locomotives and other rail rolling stocks. The global management of the fuels enables multi sites optimization offering a cost control, a technical monitoring of the diesel rolling stocks park, a monitoring of fuel supplies, a monitoring of the installation including fuel tank sites, a computer assistance of the maintenance, and a data processing in real time very efficient.

The RAILWAY SERVICE-STATIONS proposed by Railshine are a global and smart solution, including:

  • On the one side: the refueling service station including a technical part that permits to response to specific needs of fuel supplies, and another part including calculators and sensors that enables the raising of data in real time to management center, and
  • On the other side: servers and programs centralizing data from all the service-stations that enable fuel stocks and supplies management, transaction and consumption analysis, data control, trains monitoring, optimization of supplies, and total fuels and costs control.

This whole concept gets lots of advantages, experienced by many railway networks with a global approach of fuels and refueling management:

  • Optimization and supervision of multi product delivery by the implementation of tailor-made dispensers, adapted to site activity and rail rolling stock: capacity of delivery adapted to flow, interfacing in given environment, in accordance with norms, optical number of dispensers, ergonomic delivery, secure for railway environment thanks to the use of delivery ramp permitting the delivery on a platform length of +/- 30m, rather than fixed point of delivery which requires more dispensers and more precise rolling stock stop.
  • Storage and delivery solutions tailor-made and turn-keys with electronic gauging system
  • A global multi sites management on every installations by the use of central smart software, allowing to equip central post, and reachable according to different users entrance.
  • A maintenance assist, a remote reservoir control with a reporting on the software at the real time of the stock and supplies stock.
  • A GPS system, thanks to units on board of the locomotives, that permits to predict the needs in fuel supplies, to predetermine volumes and optimize maintenance of rolling stock.


RAILSHINE proposes fueling global delivery solutions included the AdBlue, under and ergonomic approach adapted to railway sector, secure, tailor-made and experienced by rail networks.

The RAILSHINE offer is aimed to railway networks that wish to have a global fuel and refueling management in order to optimize consumption in fuel, expensive fuelling logistics, immobilizations, fuelling staff management and control, invoicing to transportation companies, preventive maintenance, and installations correction.

Locomotive management

GPS system unit on board
Prediction of fuel supplies and maintenance

Railway dispensers

Flow adaptation
Interfacing in given environment
Ergonomic delivery
+/- 30m delivery ramp


Tailor-made and turn-keys
Electronic gauging system

Multi sites management

Smart software which centralises data from all service-stations
Ergonomic and easy to use
Different levels of access