• Foldable catenary for train depots
  • Foldable catenary for train depot
  • Retractable catenary for train depots
  • Retractable catenary
  • Swiveling rigid catenary for train depot
  • Pivoting cantilever catenary for train depots

Retractable rigid catenaries (MOCS)

The retractable rigid catenaries permit to freely let in and get out trains and locomotives in railway maintenance depots and workshops, without interruption and without additional hauling systems.
When theMOCS are retracted, they release needed space above the train to make all the necessary maintenance operations and make possible the use of gantry crane.
The moveable rigid catenaries are suitable for every track lengths and every voltages.

The retractable rigid catenaries solution by RAILSHINE is adjustable and it easily integrates all rail maintenance depots. It is fitted with a high level of safety and allows to centralize management of others rail maintenance systems. This solution of swinging OHE, experienced by many rail networks and major railway companies due to face to depots electrification, allows:

  • In traction position, unfold, to facilitate the access to the roof of the train for operators with high capacity of secure in order to make their maintenance tasks (pantographs test and calibration), et make possible the use of roof cranes and other maintenance devices above the train.
  • To have a perfect synchronization of all motorized swing arms of the swinging OHE thanks to a very efficient control system, to a quickly set-up without bump, included with a overhead contact line new generation in aluminum that allows to retract catenaries precisely and securely.
  • In folded position, to manage all the necessary electric rail maintenance: the arrival and departure of trains by electrical traction inside the building, the train electric motors testing, pantograph testing, and other operation requiring overhead contact line.


The MOCS (Movable Overhead Catenary System) is complete and includes lots of advantages:

  • Motorized jib arms activated by specific gear motor at variable speed, allows avoiding any shaking effects, and which are parameterized in order to make retraction more fluid and decelerate in ending cycle.
  • A high level of secure thanks to a central management of interlocking that can be centralize all the rail maintenance devices, such as footbridges, platforms, gantry cranes, or train lifting system, with possibility to declutch the engines in case of mains power breakdown, and to manually move the catenary.
  • A use of electrical motors with frequency drive and torque limitation in case of unexpected obstacle
  • A perfect electrical insulation that does not require any maintenance
  • Possibility of any arms length, up to 6m of the track center
  • A unique adjustment system that can be fixed on every types of depot supports
  • A moveable rigid catenary that permits to let in or get out trains and locomotives without requires mobile railcar mover.

Motorized jib arms

Specific gear motor at variable speed
Avoid any shaking effects
Decelerate in ending cycle
Swing arms up to 6m of the track center


Interlocking central management
Electrical insulation
Electrical motor with frequency drive
Declutching motor possible