• Station ferroviaire antigivre
  • Station de prévention antigivre spécifique ferroviaire
  • Station ferroviaire anitgivre préventif

Train anti-icing system

The anti-icing system proposed is a preventive solution avoiding the frost accumulation and formation of snowdrift. Specifically designed for railway industry, the anti-icing system is a good answer to all the issues linked to climate and significantly improves safety all around the rolling stock.

The anti-icing system is a unique automatic solution for frost prevention, specifically designed for railway industry. The solution allows to:

  • Efficiently reduce ice accumulation and formation of snowdrift on rolling stock, particularly on rolling system and around,
  • Avoid the use of expensive and polluting defrosting products,
  • Optimise maintenance of rolling stock and rolling systems that crossed snow zones,
  • Assure punctuality of trains during snow periods,
  • Avoid bay window breakage and traveller risks linked

From a solution tested in Nordic countries, the anti-icing system proposed by Railshine are made to measure to adapt to different types of rolling stocks and to the different places on new or existing infrastructures.

The solution proposed can be used in zone of rolling stock maintenance depots but also on operating tracks. Treatment makes in automatic mode during 5 minutes only.