More and more depots are coming with elevated rail tracks in order to ease and expedite the inspection and repair below the trains.

RAILSHINE launches DEPOTPODA®, a custom-made solution which guarantees sustaining well the train efforts during entering, moving, stopping and stabling while making easier the installation of the elevated tracks by the depot builders.

RAILSHINE DEPOTPODA® workshop fastening system is a simple, complete and cost-effective solution with low maintenance, which meets all the requirements of track fastening on steel columns in railway depots and maintenance halls.

This multi-purpose system is suitable for all types of vehicles and can be used for grooved or Vignole rails, even allowing on demand inclination of rail by 1/20th or up to 1/40th.

The steel columns directly supporting the rail are usually made by HEB or round section profile, and can also be adapted for other customized profiles. The long life is ensured with hot dip galvanised or rustproof painted finish, offering an unbeatable appearance, and can be anchored or embedded in the concrete base of the workshop.

RAILSHINE DEPOTPODA® workshop fastening system is made of fine fluted rubber pads supporting and insulating the rail over the steel columns, and a specifically design fastening system ingeniously thought to accommodate any type of rail while meeting all mechanical requirements and good electrical insulation according to the best practices and standards applicable in the rail industry.

Based on this newly designed concept for elevated tracks in depots, RAILSHINE manufactures on purpose the complete solution including columns and fastening system and provides the respective detailed calculation note to contractors, engineers and employers.

The future of elevated tracks has a name: RAILSHINE DEPOTPODA®.